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Precision Medicine and Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing


Just as all of our outside appearances are unique, so are our “internal mechanics”.  It is the variances in these “mechanics” (genetic makeup) that causes individuals to metabolize medications differently from one another.  Hence, why a “one size fits all” way of prescribing medication does not work for much of the population.  This is where precision medicine comes in.  Precision medicine is a physician’s use of an individual’s genetic makeup to tailor medical treatments.  


Precision medicine does not have to be an expensive or complicated process.  NEXT Molecular Analytics understands not only the importance of providing physicians the information they need in order to prescribe the best medication for each individual patient, we also understand the importance of empowering patients to become more involved in their own healthcare and treatment plans.  Patients are more likely to take medications as prescribed and to communicate with their physicians about side effects and issues if they are involved in their treatment plan.


NEXT Molecular Analytics offers pharmacogenetic testing to patients through their physicians.  This means that anyone can choose to have this testing done with an order from their physician.  Remember, this is a once in lifetime test so these results will take a patient from birth through their last years in life.  The results are provided to the ordering physician so that the patient’s current or future medication regiment can be appropriately monitored.


Knowing how a particular patient metabolizes medication can help the patient together with their physician:




  • Maximize the effectiveness of a drug therapy;

  • Avoid harmful and unnecessary side effects;

  • Improve patient compliance with drug administration;

  • Assist with the prevention of harmful, if not fatal, adverse drug reactions (ADRs); and

  • Reduce costs of purchasing medication that is not taken due in inefficacy or side effects.







NEXT Molecular PGX Testing

Our pharmacogenetic tests and panels are validated and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) compliant for buccal (cheek) swab samples.

Single Gene Tests

Plavix Test - CYP2C19 testing for Plavix

Psychiatric Test - CYP2D6 for anti-depressants, others

Multi-gene Panels

Cardiovascular Panel, includes 10 genes including:

CYP2C19 for Plavix

CYP2C9 and VKORC1 for Warfarin, Statins


CYP 3A4/5

CVD Risk gene APOE,

Thrombosis risk FV, FII, MTHFR

Pain Management Panel, includes 5 genes for opiates, NSAIDs, etc.

CYP2C19, CYP2D6, CYP2C9, CYP3A4,5

Personal Medicine Panel, includes results from all panels. Custom (select current medications)

27 genes tested includes multi-gene analysis for drugs



Our test determines your genetic type by detecting changes or variants in one or more genes that can affect your response to certain medications (Table 1).






















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